still a bit of a WIP, but after much procrastination, I finally started working on AX 2014 merchandise!

it’ll be my first time tabling, and I have the honor and delight of doing so with the spectacular toto <3 

August 30th  free! queuedayo

baby boy

August 30th  exo baekhyun kat kpop

Chanyeol for Ivy Club o(≧▽≦)o 

August 30th  exo kai precious rae kpop

the hard life of being a maknae

August 30th  exo sehun rae kpop

wyf’s beauty level: unattainable by mere mortals

just jongdae talking
August 29th  exo chen angel nancy kpop

yeolstagram x pastel

August 29th  exo chanyeol dena kim fai kpop
August 29th  exo my suho kpop